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nurturing needles
I sure wish I had a cigarette... Later, after I get back from Livingston.I CAN AFFORD THEM AGAIN!! I can even buy some of that nice new yarn at KnitPicks, because my SS is HERE! Yesterday, when I came home from Medwell, I found there was NO coffee, NO sausages, NO milk, and a pissed-off Hades cursing from downstairs. And that's why, folks, I "enable" him by giving him a place to stay and buying the beer. Quite frankly, it's easier on ALL of us if he's somewhat human! If only I could convince him to see a GP! I know he'd fare well in the detox center at BRMC, but how could I expect him to go there as a PATIENT when he was once one of the best nurses on CG? As I only had $3 left, Patty was kind enough to let me use her credit card.So, now I owe her $10. I splurged and got myself more Greek yogurt to take with me today. Now, when I'm waiting for the 73 Bus in East Orange on Main Street, I won't be drooling over the smells emanating from The Golden Krust Jamaican place.I strolled in there... (more)

screwed upp
i might have screwed up horribly. i really want to fight this depression. my heart cant take any more hits. if only i could be carefree about everything. give me something to count on,,

doudoune ralph lauren femme pas cher de monsoreau
169 page 175 la dame de monsoreau, tome 2 -votre silence le dit assez. -je ne puis parler que par mon silence. -votre silence, madame, est la suite de votre accueil du louvre. au louvre, vous ne me voyiez pas ; ici vous ne me parlez pas. -au louvre, j'étais en présence de m. doudoune ralph lauren femme pas cher de monsoreau. m. de monsoreau me regardait, et il est jaloux. -jaloux ! eh ! que lui faut-il donc, mon dieu ! quel bonheur peut-il envier, quand tout le monde envie son bonheur ? -je vous dis qu'il est jaloux, monsieur ; depuis quelques jours il a vu rôder quelqu'un autour de notre nouvelle demeure. -vous avez donc quitté la petite maison de la rue saint-antoine ? -comment ! s'écria diane emportée par un mouvement irréfléchi, cet homme, ce n'était donc pas vous ? -madame, depuis que votre mariage a été annoncé publiquement, depuis que vous avez été présentée, depuis cette soirée du louvre, enfin, où vous n'avez pas daigné me... (more)

Tan King Size Velour Danitouch Blankets
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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, March 2, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, Haider al-Abadi and Iran launch an attack on Sunni-dominant Tikrit, they do so without US help, Amy Goodman clears a few moments to provide misinformation about Iraq (again), and much more. The assault on Tikrit has begun. Sunday, Dominic Evans (Reuters) reported that "Iraq's army and Shi'ite militia" were attacking Tirkit. Nancy A. Youssef (Daily Beast) reports that the forces are being aided by the Iranian government but not the US one: The U.S.-led coalition forces that have conducted seven months of airstrikes on Iraq’s behalf did not participate in the attack, defense officials told The Daily Beast, and the American military has no plans to chip in. Instead, embedded Iranian advisors and Iranian-backed Shiite militias are taking part in the offensive on the largely Sunni town, raising the prospect that the fight to beat back ISIS could become a sectarian war. The news is the latest indication... (more)

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